Tigh na Mara - bed and breakfast with sea views

Tigh na Mara is situated in the crofting township of Lonbain, seven miles north of Shore Street which is often referred to as Applecross village.  There were nine crofts at Lonbain, but the village was deserted some sixty years ago except for two bachelors. One was a crofting shepherd and the other a recluse who lived in the last remaining heather-thatched blackhouse on the peninsula.

Sunset over the Lonbain ruins

This coast was formed on a raised beach, the bedrock of which forms short underground terraces and hollows which extend down the shoreline and under the sea for some distance.  An exception to this rocky coastline is the appropriately named Sand Bay, two miles south of Lonbain.

Sand Bay was the location of the BBC television programme 'Monty Halls Great Escape' and Beachcomber Cottage, which featured in the programme, is available to visit.

Tigh na Mara - bed and breakfast with sea views

The township is recognisable by the row of ruined cottages and heather-thatched blackhouse at the North end of the old village, all of which are etched against the sea.  The image on the left shows the view from the guest room window.

Sand Bay

The croft attached to Tigh na Mara, in conjunction with the neighbouring croft over the township road, has been fenced in against deer and sheep incursion in order that crops, trees and shrubs might be grown, and a conservation area established.  In the ten years since the present tenants, Ken and Gwendy Griffin, have moved here, an oasis has been created in what was previously a neglected area and the number of bird species and smaller mammals has increased dramatically.

In November 2011, Ken published a book describing his upbringing in a remote Highland glen and his further experiencies. Details of the book are available here.